Data Behind the Material: As with any veterinary medical
              device, RediHeal is only as good as it’s data. Borate
              glass materials have been widely studied in the medical
              research community. More information is published everyday
              and will be added to this list as it comes available.
              Avalon Medical is continuously conducting comparative
              research on the RediHeal product line. This data will also
              be shared as it is published. Bioactive glass in tissue
              engineering Conversion of silicate, borosilicate and
              borate bioactive glasses to hydroxyapatite Video - Ceramic
              Tech Today: Successful wound healing with borate glass
              nanofibers American Ceramics Society Bulletin: Wound
              Healing Borate Glass NanoFibers New cotton candy-like
              glass fibers appear to speed healing in venous stasis
              wound trial Cotton candy-like material used to heal
              difficult wounds FAQ: What products are currently
              available? RediHeal is currently available in the Wound
              Care and Dental versions for companion animals in the
              United States. RediHeal Equine is now available in an easy
              to use large, multi-use dose container. RediHeal Bone
              Putty will be available in late 2011. What conditions does
              RediHeal treat? RediHeal Wound Care continues to
              indications every single day as new data becomes
              available. To date RediHeal has show to be very effective
              in treating the following conditions: - Hot spots (acute
              moist dermatitis, pyotraumatic dermatitis) - Acral lick
              dermatitis (acral lick granuloma, acral pruritic nodule) -
              Feline idiopathic ulcerative dermatosis - Dermonecrotic
              lesions (i.e. necrosis) - Chronic staph infections - Tip
              tail trauma - Venous stasis ulcers - Tramua injuries What
              about using RediHeal on food animals? RediHeal has not
              been approved for use in animals intended for human
              consumption. Is RediHeal available for human use? RediHeal
              is not for use in humans. It is for veterinary use only.
              What is DermaFuse and how is it related to RediHeal? You
              will often find news articles and videos referencing
              DermaFuse in relation to this material. DermaFuse is
              currently being investigated for human use. RediHeal is
              based upon the same technology as DermaFuse but is being
              sold only to the veterinary community. shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4shapeimage_3_link_5

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