Wound Care

“Imagine treating wounds with cottony glass fibers that simultaneously slow bleeding, fight bacteria and other sources of infection, stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, resist scarring, and because they are quickly absorbed by surrounding tissue, will never have to be removed in follow-up care.”

 Wound Care (4.5
              grams) $79.99 RediHeal Wound Care comes packaged in a
              convenient, 3-dose blister pack. Each dose has enough
              material to treat a 3” x 3” wound. RediHeal is shipped
              sterile and has a shelf life of 5 years. Order.html

RediHeal Wound Care is a borate-based biological glass that contains trace elements to promote a strong angiogenic response. The borate glass reacts with the body’s fluids quickly, releasing elements that stimulate the body to generate new blood vessels. This improves the blood supply to the wound, allowing the body’s normal healing processes to take over.

• Rapid,
                scar-free healing • Hemostatic • Anti-microbial •
                Excellent Handleability
                Body’s Response RediHeal provides a healing scaffold
                physically similar to the microstructure of fibrin that
                forms the basis of a blood clot. The nanofiber structure
                imitates fibrin and traps blood platelets allowing the
                formation of a wound cover that supports the healing

RediHeal Wound Care is an answer for the most difficult wounds veterinarians face everyday. Decubitus ulcers, hot spots, abscesses and trauma injuries are just a few applications where RediHeal has found success where other products have failed.

              RediHeal Wound - Equine (10 gram Jar) $159.99 You asked,
              we listened. RediHeal Wound Care is now available in a
              convenient Equine version. This larger, 10 gram single jar
              contains enough material to treat a 6" x 6"
              wound one time or smaller wounds multiple times. The
              reclosable jar is intended to be kept on the shelf or in
              the truck and used as the need arises. RediHeal Equine is
              shipped non-sterile. Order.html

U.S. Patent: www.redihealip.com