Avalon Medical Launches New Veterinary Injectable Collagen

Avalon Medical Launches New Veterinary Injectable Collagen

Avalon Medical Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of ReGain™ Injectable Collagen. ReGain is a sterile, stabilized bovine collagen suspension. When injected around the urethra, ReGain adds bulk to the surrounding tissue and improves the coaptation of the urethral wall in canines.

ReGain was developed at the request of veterinarians who suddenly found the supply of human collagen becoming scarce in veterinary medicine. Veterinarians previously used human collagen off-label to treat difficult cases of urinary incontinence in female dogs, usually in instances where medications have failed to correct the condition. In a recent study, transurethral injections of medical grade collagen resulted in canine continence in 68% of the cases. This improved to 83% when combined with medical therapy (Thompson, A. 2008 ACVSc College Science Week).

Avalon Medical used this opportunity to create a product that exceeds the performance standards of the existing Human collagen that had been used in the past. Utilizing a proprietary process, Avalon Medical provides a more stable collagen with a higher suspension concentration. While the previous products contained 35 mg/ml of collagen, ReGain contains 42 mg/ml. This puts more collagen into the site utilizing the same volume of product. Pricing is also substantially lower given that Regain is a veterinary use only product.

ReGain™ is packaged in a sterile, pre-filled 2.5ml syringe and comes complete with a 22 gauge needle for delivery through a rigid cystoscope. It is available in a single pack, and is generally shipped overnight.

In operation since 1998, Avalon Medical was founded to serve the veterinary community with cost-effective, reliable, long-term implant products. Avalon Medical has worked closely with academic institutions and clinical practitioners to maximize the efficiency of our devices. The founders of Avalon Medical have in excess of thirty years experience developing devices for the human and veterinary surgical community.

Avalon Medical’s research and manufacturing are conducted at our lab facility located in the scenic river valley of Stillwater, MN. By keeping the company vertically integrated, Avalon Medical is provided a greater level of flexibility to provide veterinarians with the most unique and innovative products available today.

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