Avalon Medical Launches New Veterinary Surgical Tissue Patching Product

Avalon Medical Launches New Veterinary Surgical Tissue Patching Product

Avalon Medical announces the launch of its unique, new SISplus Tissue Patching material. SISplus is a sterile, porcine-derived small intestine submucosa product which can be used as a surgical patch for many types of surgical repair and reinforcement. Its exclusive ion therapy treatment supports and promotes the wound healing process by providing a biocompatible, resorbable tissue repair matrix which mimics the natural tissue around it.

SISplus was developed at the request of many veterinarians who had found previous sources of similar biomaterials to be in short supply as they were phased out of the veterinary marketplace. Avalon Medical used the opportunity to create a product which not only met veterinarians’ current needs but also included some of the most cutting-edge technology in healing: a tissue patch pre-treated with an ion therapy which promotes wound healing in even the most challenging wounds.

SISplus comes in a variety of configurations, including single and multi-laminate products in a standard 7cm x 10cm size and ocular discs in 10mm and 15mm sizes. Avalon Medical also offers customization in both sizing and the number of layers it can provide.

Founded in 1998, Avalon Medical is focused on bringing the research, development, and sales of innovative surgical products to the veterinary market. Their goal is to help veterinarians achieve their mission by bringing them access to some of the most advanced veterinary medical solutions available at a cost-effective price. They have worked closely with academic institutions and clinical practitioners for over thirty years in both the human and veterinary surgical communities, and are excited to continue to provide veterinarians with the most unique and innovative products available to the industry.

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