4 Tips for using Cold Laser Therapy with RediHeal Wound Care Effectively

One question our wound care team hears frequently is “Can we use the RediHeal in conjunction with laser treatments?” It’s a great question, especially since laser treatment has become such a well-used treatment modality. Like RediHeal, laser treatment is wonderful for a variety of diverse conditions, including:

  • Skin wounds
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Lick granulomas
  • Post-operative incisions and tissues

When you’re faced with a particularly challenging wound, it only makes sense to want to try all the tools in your arsenal, and laser therapy and RediHeal can work wonders when used together. Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind when using these treatments on your patients:

  • Laser treatment comes first! When combining your protocols, make sure that the laser treatment happens BEFORE you apply the RediHeal fibers to the wound, in order to prevent any interaction between the laser’s light and the fibers themselves.
  • After laser treatment, if the wound is dry, moisten wound gently with sterile saline. Apply a very thin layer of RediHeal over the wound – about 1/2mm deep or even less. This thin, fine layer of RediHeal will dissolve into the wound prior to your next laser treatment.
  • Choose a wound dressing which assists in maintaining a moist wound environment.
  • If you are performing multiple laser treatments in a day (spacing them just a few hours apart before retreatment), then do NOT use the RediHeal material, as it will not have enough time to dissolve into the wound before the next treatment.

Interested in seeing a case study where laser therapy and RediHeal were used together successfully? Check out our YouTube video here to see the two together in action!