Meet Mina, A Goat from Colorado

A RediHeal Case Study – Meet Mina, the Goat from Colorado


A case study on how RediHeal saved a goat. 


Mina, a female goat, was bitten by a dog. Because she was so beloved (and pregnant) her owners really wanted to do everything they could to save her.


The bite was challenging to treat. It had uncovered not only a significant area of bone but had created a hole straight into her mouth, meaning keep the wound clean was a huge challenge. The vet tried to suture the original would, but the result in even greater tissue loss.


Day 1
We helped Mina’s owners with a protocol that including using RediHeal Wound Care, which allowed the wound on the outside of Mina’s face to heal.


Day 3
Mina’s results were dramatic, with rapid healing occurring.


Day 20
Over time, we were able to help this wound heal enough that Mina could happily continue to eat. She had her baby just a short time later.


We’re so proud to have helped with the case.

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