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What is MitralSeal?

What is MitralSeal? MitralSeal was designed as the first practical and curative treatment for dogs with severe mitral valve regurgitation, otherwise known as Canine Mitral Valve Disease.  MitralSeal is an artificial heart valve designed for delivery using a...

Meet Mina, A Goat from Colorado

A RediHeal Case Study - Meet Mina, the Goat from Colorado   A case study on how RediHeal saved a goat.    Mina, a female goat, was bitten by a dog. Because she was so beloved (and pregnant) her owners really wanted to do everything they could to save her.   The bite...

RediHeal Dental Health

RediHeal Dental Health RediHeal Dental is based upon a REVOLUTIONARY new borate-based biological glass that contains unique trace elements to promote strong angiogenic, osteoconductive and osteostimulative responses.  Best of all, RediHeal Dental comes in an easy to...

Niki’s RediHeal Case Study

Niki's RediHeal Case Study Niki is a 3-year-old horse who gave herself a nasty laceration to her sternum. Once treated with RediHeal, the results were simply amazing!

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