PoliPhase™ Sealant

This flexible, resorbable gel offers a high strength seal

for immediate bleed or leak control.

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PoliPhase™ Sealant

PoliPhase is a fully resorbable medical sealant which helps stop leaks in tissue, blood vessels, anastomotic suture lines and more during surgical repairs. A two-part biopolymer, PoliPhase controls bleeding  >95% of surgical procedures in under a minute, providing a safe and effective seal every time. Its flexible, high strength bond adheres tenaciously to native tissue while slowly resorbing – allowing for full healing of the native tissue itself with minimal inflammatory response.

Applications for use include, but are not limited to:

  •   Cardiovascular or intestinal anastomosis
  •   Liver lacerations / biliary leaks
  •   Biopsies
  •   Enucleations
  •   Anywhere leak control may be an issue

PoliPhase is indicated for internal use only. It is supplied sterile in a 2.5ml syringe, with your choice of applicator.

Surgical photo courtesy of Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital

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