Resorbable Tissue Patching & Reinforcement

If you are looking for a regenerative healing patch for surgical soft tissue repairs, support, and reinforcement, our SIS+ resorbable tissue patch may be perfect for you.

When you’re faced with deep tissue trauma, you want a product that will allow you to control the healing process as much as possible. SIS+ is a porcine-derived, small intestine submucosa patching material perfect for a variety of applications. A unique extracellular matrix, SIS+ allows cells to naturally regenerate, leaving behind only healthy, organized tissue. Our SIS+ product is also specially processed with our own ion therapy, which supports and promotes the healing process by providing a biocompatible, absorbable tissue repair matrix.

This product is available in single and multi laminates, ocular discs and also by custom order.

Indicated for:
• Hernia repairs
• Wound closures
• Deep melting ulcers
• Corneal lacerations
• Anywhere skin grafting or other tissue repairs may be needed

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