RediHeal Wound Care Flip-Top, 1/4oz containers

RediHeal Wound Care Flip-Top, 1/4oz containers


These 1/4oz, flip-top containers are perfect for using with RediHeal Wound Care when you want to send just a small amount of product home with a client for easy rebandaging. 5 sets per package.


Are you looking for a way to dispense your RediHeal Wound Care a bit more easily to your clients for home use? Use these flip-top, hinged lid containers! Each 1/4oz container comes with a label identifying the product. It’s easy, just fill the container with an appropriate amount of material for your client. This helps to limit the number of times a client must come back for re-bandaging while keeping the material clean, dry, and easy to use.

Works wonderfully with our RediHeal Wound Care 10gm jars. An easy add-on when you’re treating chronic or challenging wound patients who may be tended a bit at home.

There are 5 containers per package; each container arrives pre-labeled and ready for filling with a small, accompanying box to prevent the product from getting lost or damaged at home.


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