RediHeal Dental Health

RediHeal Dental is based upon a REVOLUTIONARY new borate-based biological glass that contains unique trace elements to promote strong angiogenic, osteoconductive and osteostimulative responses.  Best of all, RediHeal Dental comes in an easy to use, cotton-candy like form that provides excellent handleability.  No more mixing or trying to pour particulate into the site.  Simply pack RediHeal Dental into the extraction site.  No Mess, No Fuss.

Because of lower chemical durability, borate glass reacts substantially faster with the body’s fluids than silicate based bioactive glasses (Consil®), forming an initial amorphous calcium-rich phosphate material which is substantially equivalent to hydroxyapatite found in bone mineral.  RediHeal Dental not only converts faster but more completely as well giving you better results.