RediHeal Wound Care Ointment – The power to heal, now in an easier to use formulation.

RediHeal Wound Care Ointment is finally (officially) here! If you’ve met us at an educational conference, trade show, or convention over the last year, there’s a chance you’ve seen and perhaps helped us test what we are pleased to be officially launching: our RediHeal Wound Care Ointment.

RediHeal Wound Care Ointment is the newest product in our RediHeal line. When RediHeal Wound Care was originally launched (with its cottony fiber-like texture), many of our customers loved its healing power. But the dry texture made it a bit challenging for use in some wounds since it was required to be bandaged into place throughout treatment. Our team wanted to make sure RediHeal was as useful as possible across as many wound types as possible. They began searching for ways to bring the healing benefits of the material to wounds that could perhaps not be bandaged. RediHeal Ointment was developed…and is now officially part of the RediHeal family of products!

What is RediHeal Ointment?

RediHeal Wound Care Ointment is an inorganic, borate-based biologically active ointment ideal for use in the treatment of topical soft tissue damage. It contains trace elements in an aqueous base, designed to promote a strong angiogenic response. Trace elements are known to react with the body’s fluids quickly, stimulating the body to generate new blood vessels and speeding up the granular response. The improved blood supply to the wound allows the body’s natural healing processes to take over. In addition, the anti-microbial response initiated by RediHeal makes it ideal for the prevention and control of infections.

If you’ve used the original RediHeal Wound Care or Dental Extraction Packing material before, you already know the healing properties that come with it. With an ability to accelerate soft tissue healing by 30-50%, fight infection and help wounds heal virtually scar-free, even in chronic or challenging cases, it has been a powerful tool in many veterinary toolboxes. The RediHeal Ointment is appropriate for use in topical wounds, minor abrasions, skin irritations, skin ulcerations, burns, and scratches. It is ideal for treating dry wounds where healing may have stalled, or slightly effusive wounds where bandaging may be a challenge. It is NOT necessary to be bandaged into place, although you may do so as needed.

RediHeal Wound Care Ointment offers rapid, virtually scar-free healing in a wide variety of wounds – even your most challenging – while providing continuous anti-microbial protection without antibiotics or steroids. It is indicated for use in the treatment of topical soft tissue damage on mammals, avian and chelonian species. It is currently available in both 1ml and 6ml sizes. Have questions about RediHeal Ointment? Our Wound Care team would love to help! Reach out via email or phone with questions.


  1. Rhiannon Tennant

    Is RediHeal useful in treating wounds with eschar?

    • Avalon Medical

      Rhiannon, this is a great question and one we can assist with. Thanks for reaching out! I’d love to chat with you in person about this; please give us a call at 888-289-1890.


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