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Avalon Medical continues to bring new and exciting innovations in veterinary medicine.

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About Avalon Medical

Founded in 1998, Avalon Medical is focused on bringing the research, development, and sales of innovative surgical products to the veterinary market. We understand how much of yourself you put into your practice; we want to help you achieve your mission by bringing you access to some of the most advanced veterinary medical solutions available.

Wound Care

Looking to heal by second intention? Dealing with a chronic or challenging wound?

Surgical Supplies

Whether you’re new to doing surgery, or you already have hundreds of procedures behind you – let’s keep surprises out of your surgeries. Learn more about our surgical products here.

Dental Care

Ready to extract the uncertainty from your dentals? It’s as easy as Place. Pack. Suture.


"The PoliPhase sealant is really cool! I used it on a feline bladder rupture secondary to vehicular trauma that continued to leak after closure of the defect with suture. After giving it a few minutes to set we pressure tested it and no more leaks!"

Dr. Jay Harper

"RediHeal Ointment saved my horse...don't be without it in your tack box."

Emily B.C., Seattle, WA

"I discovered the extraordinary product, RediHeal, in March 2016. My 10.5 year old Greyhound, Cruiser, was attacked by my Aries. The wounds were massive, and I thought reconstructive surgery and skin grafts were my only alternatives until I discovered RediHeal. After using RediHeal for 2 months, the most concerning wound in the axilla region that extended to the withers and that I could insert both hands into simultaneously, was reduced to a small, manageable wound. I know that this wound would not have healed without RediHeal. I cannot thank Avalon Medical enough for all the support I was given as Cruiser healed. I continue to use RediHeal in my practice as it expedites healing time which is beneficial for pets and their owners."

Alysia Deaven, VMD

"Your products are just awesome. Thank you for all you do and for your personal interest!"

Sarita S., Albuquerque, NM

“We initially treated the wound with Wound VAC (negative pressure) therapy and antibiotics along with supportive care. However we quickly switched to using a new product called RediHeal.”

Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio


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