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Founded in 1998, Avalon Medical is focused on bringing the research, development, and sales of innovative surgical products to the veterinary market. We understand how much of yourself you put into your practice; we want to help you achieve your mission by bringing you access to some of the most advanced veterinary medical solutions available.

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"I discovered the extraordinary product, RediHeal, in March 2016. My 10.5 year old Greyhound, Cruiser, was attacked by my Aries. The wounds were massive, and I thought reconstructive surgery and skin grafts were my only alternatives until I discovered RediHeal. After using RediHeal for 2 months, the most concerning wound in the axilla region that extended to the withers and that I could insert both hands into simultaneously, was reduced to a small, manageable wound. I know that this wound would not have healed without RediHeal. I cannot thank Avalon Medical enough for all the support I was given as Cruiser healed. I continue to use RediHeal in my practice as it expedites healing time which is beneficial for pets and their owners."

Alysia Deaven, VMD

"RediHeal is the best thing to happen. Our dog, Camper, had a benign tumor removed from her lower ankle area the last week in May, and her stitches didn't take. She had another surgery to try and re-suture 4 weeks later, at the end of June. Those stitches didn't take either and the wound was not healing. We were taking her to our vet 3 times a week for cold laser and rewraps, but the wound just wasn't getting better. By this time, poor Camper had been in a cone all day while we were at work for almost 3 months, and we had been very stressed and worried. One night, I googled "my dog has a wound that won't heal" and found RediHeal. Two weeks ago was Camper's first treatment of RediHeal along with the cold laser. I have been reapplying the RediHeal every two days and the results have been amazing. The wound shrank to one third its size in only two weeks. Another couple weeks and it looks like it will be completely healed, and for us it seems like a miracle. We are so grateful for your product!."

Bill R., Washington

By staying vertically integrated, we are providing a level of flexibility which enables us to lead the way in animal health innovation.

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