The ClearIt device is a flexible alligator forceps used

for surgical heartworm removal.



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ClearIt Heartworm Removal

The ClearIt Heartworm Removal device is a flexible, alligator forceps designed for the removal of live heartworms from the pulmonary tract without conducting a thoracotomy. With an insertion length of 45 cm and a diameter of 10F, it provides the operator with the flexibility of a minimally invasive tool for treatment. Its steerable tip length of 48 mm with full tip deflection allows for beautiful maneuverability in canines up to 18-25 kgs.

The device is hand-operated with simple-to-use flex manipulation and grasping capabilities. The ClearIt device is supplied in a solid case with a foam insert for safe and easy storage. The unit may be sterilized using either ETO, gas plasma, e-beam or sterilizing solutions (including vaporized hydrogen peroxide) and is designed for repeated use.


ClearIt Technical Summary

  • Shaft diameter: 10 F
  • Usable length: 45 cm.
  • Steerable tip length: 48 mm.
  • Tip deflection: 180 degrees
  • Tip radius of curvature: 7.36
  • Serrated Jaw fully opened: 9.30
  • Sterilization: ETO, gas plasma, sterilizing solutions, e-beam
  • Cost: $1700
  • Warranty: One year

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