The ClearIt device is a flexible alligator forceps used

for surgical heartworm removal.



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Take the heartache out of heartworm removal.

Heartworm removal has always been a challenge. We’ve re-considered each aspect of the heartworm removal procedure to bring more success to clinicians than ever before, even in your smaller patients.

The ClearIt Heartworm Removal device is a flexible, alligator forceps designed for the removal of live heartworms from the ventricle and pulmonary tract without conducting a thoracotomy. With an insertion length of 45cm and a diameter of 10F, it provides the operator with all the flexibility of a minimally invasive tool for treatment. Its steerable tip length of 48mm and full tip deflection allows for beautiful maneuverability in canines as small as 5kgs.

The device is hand-operated with simple-to-use flex manipulation and grasping capabilities. The unit may be sterilized using ETO, gas plasma, or sterilizing solutions (including vaporized hydrogen peroxide), and is designed for repeated use. ClearIt is provided in a solid case with a foam insert for safe and easy storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Full steerability allows for complete, intuitive control by the operator
  • Excellent torque control for ease of maneuvering, even in patients as small as 5kgs
  • Wide, flat jaw reduces the likelihood of crushing or severing heartworms
  • Blunt tip provides extra security in the vascular area
  • Self-closing jaw releases immediately with operator direction, providing the perfect amount of pressure to securely hold heartworms for removal

Technical Summary

  • Shaft diameter: 10F
  • Usable length: 45cm
  • Steerable tip length: 48mm
  • Tip deflection: 180 degrees
  • Tip radius of curvature: 10.0mm
  • Serrated jaw fully opened: 9.30mm
  • Sterilization: ETO, gas plasma, sterilizing solutions
  • Cost: $2100 USD
  • Warranty: 180 days against manufacturer defect

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