ReGain™ Injectable Collagen

 An injectable bulking agent which dramatically improves coaptation in the urethral wall, providing an additional option for the treatment of canine urinary incontinence.


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ReGain™ Injectable Collagen provides a minimally invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of canine urinary incontinence. ReGain™ Injectable Collagen is a sterile, stabilized, type 1 insoluble bovine collagen suspension. When injected around the urethra, ReGain™ creates bulk in the surrounding tissue and improves the coaptation of a defective sphincter. In a recent study, transurethral injections of medical grade collagen resulted in continence in 68% of the cases. This improved to 83% when combined with other medical therapy (Thompson, A. 2008 ACVSc College Science Week).

ReGain™ is packaged in a pre-filled 2.5ml syringe and comes complete with a specially designed 22-gauge needle for delivery through a rigid cystoscope.

  • Minimally invasive
  • Simple procedure
  • High success rate
  • Cost effective vs. current options
  • Fully repeatable
  • Sterile 2.5ml single-use
  • Includes delivery needle
Photo courtesy of Animal Medical Center of NYC.