Fluffing RediHeal fibers (so simple!)

RediHeal Wound Care pod

One of the things we’ve been hearing lately is the request for tips and tricks for “fluffing” those RediHeal Wound Care fibers. Trust us, we get it! While those fibers leave our hands looking as beautiful as a freshly-made cone of cotton candy, they can tend to get a bit crushed by the time they’ve made a trip through the postal service. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about fluffing those fibers up to help them reach their full potential. Now, we’re passing those tips on to you.

Plan ahead (if you can)

There are plenty of cases that come in each day who are going to be complete unknowns to you. BUT – if you know a client is coming in who will need RediHeal applied to a wound, or you are part of a clinic that sees wounds on a regular basis, then prep those fibers in advance! As long as the fibers stay clean and dry, it doesn’t matter if they sit out.

Use tweezers

Over time, you will become a master at teasing the fibers apart with your fingers, while your anxious, wiggly patient is waiting not-very-patiently. But, until you get to that point, use some tweezers to help the process along. While we use needle-tipped tweezers in our video, a slant-tip will work just as well. Use what you are comfortable with.

Fluff isn’t perfect…

and your wound coverage won’t be either. We can’t stress this enough! The fibers will come off in small pieces of varying sizes and shapes. As you apply them to the wound, your coverage will similarly not be perfectly even. That’s perfectly alright. We generally recommend that you apply a layer no more than 1mm deep across the surface of the wound. However, remember that if the surface of the wound isn’t evenly covered, that’s acceptable! The fibers react with the body’s fluids, and as they dissolve in they will move across the surface of the wound naturally.

Watch the video

Sometimes, watching someone do something is the easiest way to understand what we need to do (visual learners, we’re talking to you). We put together a 1-minute video for you to view; if you haven’t seen it, stop there next!

The video is here.

Still have questions? Interested in a sample or learning more? You can always reach out to us for a RediHeal sample kit at avalon@avalonmed.com, or give us a call at 888-289-1890 – we love to chat. Of course, you can visit our website as well.

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