RediHeal™ Ointment – 6ml

RediHeal™ Ointment – 6ml

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RediHeal Wound Care Ointment is indicated for use in the treatment of topical soft tissue damage in mammals, avian and chelonian species. It is appropriate for use in topical wounds, minor abrasions, skin irritations, skin ulcerations, burns and scratches. This ointment provides a lattice structure which stimulates the body’s natural healing responses, while also providing trace elements to the wound which accelerate the healing process. This ointment is ideal for treating dry wounds where healing may have stalled, or slightly effusive wounds where bandaging may be a challenge. It is NOT recommended for heavily effusive wounds.

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5 reviews for RediHeal™ Ointment – 6ml

  1. Jon Enyart

    I am the staff veterinarian for a large wildlife rehabilitation facility in Southern California. We have been using RediHeal ointment for the past 2 years and we cannot say enough Great things about it! The degloving wounds we see on rabbits, songbirds, water fowl and others are healing SO much faster with this product. The granulation tissue is consistently growing in quicker and fuller than any other treatment I’ve used. I have been a vet for 14 years, 8 of those years in ER medicine – I just wish I would have had access to RediHeal all those years!

  2. Kim Fruge (verified owner)

    We have been using this product in our parrot rescue and have had great success in our plucker/self mutilating patients. So happy we found this product!

  3. Jan Unrau (Office Manager)

    Our clinic came to own a farm cat that presented with an abcess that was horribly infected and encompassed most of his back end. Several surgeries later he still has a small area that has not closed over. Treating with the redi-heal ointment has greatly improved the area and we feel good about his prognosis!

  4. Diana Middleton

    RediHeal is nothing short of a miracle product. One of my cats is on long-term steroid treatment for a skin condition. Ironically, the steroids themselves can sometimes cause skin ulcerations. The excellent veterinary hospital she’s treated at first used the original RediHeal formula with a bandage with great results. Unfortunately, the wounds developed more ulceration afterwards and my credit was maxed out from other veterinary expenses. I couldn’t afford to even walk through the door of the animal hospital but I was desperate to save my baby. They’d mentioned the name RediHeal so I googled it, not expecting it would be available to consumers but it was–thank God–and in an easier to use ointment formulation at that! Added plus: there was a phone number where you could speak with a live person for some guidance! The person I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Based on the wound site, she was able to help me determine that the ointment would be the best way to go. This lifesaving product is so reasonably priced that I was able to get it overnighted. I started applying it to each of the wounds three times daily on that Thursday and the wounds dried up immediately. By the following Monday the deepest one had a tiny scab that’s still there and the others had very topical scabs which came off a couple of days later. I’m still applying once daily until the irritation goes away. I’m so incredibly grateful for RediHeal. There’s no assistance program for veterinary expenses–which can easily amount to thousands–so finding such an excellent product like RediHeal allows me to treat my cat at home so I can utilize veterinary hospital care if/when it’s really necessary. Infinite thanks to Avalon for this amazing product and for the equally amazing people working there!

  5. Beth Weir

    I have tried so many things to help heal these huge wounds on the wild birds and this product beats them all by a mile. It even will create a healing environment for old wounds that won’t seem to close. This is a terrific find!

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