PoliPhase Sealant – When Sutures Alone May Not be Enough

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an internal use, sterile surgical sealant for those times when a leakproof seal is truly required?

Closing injured tissue effectively is no small matter in veterinary cases; we get it. Perhaps you’ve dealt with biliary leaks, biopsies that won’t stop bleeding, enucleations or anastomotic suture lines – there really is no limit to the number of potentially dangerous nicks or bleeds which can’t always be controlled with sutures alone.

PoliPhase Surgical Sealant is a fully resorbable biopolymer which forms a flexible, leak-proof seal in 20-30 seconds (full strength seal in about two minutes), independent of your patient’s own clotting mechanisms. Its strength and versatility combined with its minimal inflammatory response makes it perfect for any number of surgical applications.

This all-inclusive system is ready for use in just seconds (perfect for emergencies!), with NO manual mixing or reconstitution required. Shelf stable with an 18 month expiration, these syringes are great to have on hand. Did you purchase one, but then didn’t use it before its expiration? Give us a call, and we’ll exchange it for you! (One time only, please!) Want to see it in action? Check out our video of it being used on a liver laceration.

Have you had a case where you’ve used PoliPhase? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a line at avalon@avalonmed.com, or leave us a comment on the product page.

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