RediHeal Wound Care vs. RediHeal Dental – What’s the Difference?

It can be challenging to know the “right” answer and sort out all your options when you’re testing out a new product, and one question we hear a LOT is: what’s the difference between the RediHeal Wound and Dental versions? It may be a relief to learn that the answer is simple!

RediHeal Wound Care is a borate-based nanofiber which accelerates wound healing by 30-50%. It is ONLY a soft tissue promoter. It works beautifully for healing wounds by second intention, or you may tuck it right under a suture line (especially in an area where you’re worried about future infection or potential dehiscence). Used in all types of wounds, it will promote healthy granulation tissue, rapid healing and fight infection.

RediHeal Dental Care offers a slight difference. This formulation is also a borate-based nanofiber, but one which includes slightly different trace elements which also allow for the promotion of healthy bone growth. While it will assist in healing the soft tissue in an extraction site more quickly, its worth lies partially in its ability to promote and accelerate healthy bone growth in deeper extraction sites or multi-tooth extraction sites. The dental version of the material will help prevent fistulas from forming as well. Already have a fistula? Treating it with RediHeal Dental can help to heal these sites more quickly.

Remember that both materials are fully resorbable, fight infection in clean or dirty wounds, and are easy to use! Still have some questions about which version of the material is correct for your application? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, either by phone or via email. We are here to answer your questions!

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